Fort Lauderdale Traffic Attorney – Red Light Cameras

Many South Florida cities are installing cameras at major intersections to catch those who run red lights.  The camera takes a photograph of the car’s license plate as the car passes through an intersection and the car’s owner then receives a “ticket” in the mail.  This is not a regular traffic ticket but rather a “city ordinance” violation. Fines can range between $75 to $500 but average about $125.  Although owners are not assessed points on their driver’s license for the offense, if a police officer stops someone and issues a traffic ticket for the same incident, a driver/owner could be made to pay twice.

red light camera

In Broward county, Pembroke Pines installed cameras months ago and Fort Lauderdale recently voted to approve the installation of cameras. In Palm Beach county, West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, and Boynton Beach are expected to install cameras in the next few months. Delray Beach and Boca Raton are expected to vote on installation later this year.

Cities cite a desire to decrease traffic accidents as the reason for using cameras. However, according to a study by the University of South Florida, the effectiveness of using cameras to prevent accidents is questionable. If true, then one may ask why cities are installing cameras.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney:

While city leaders tout the potential of preventing accidents as the main reason for red light cameras, quite simply, these devices generate revenue. The city can impose a fine and possibly an administrative fee for processing the violation. Some contractors providing the cameras are paid a small percentage of each fine collected thus alleviating the need for a city to expend revenues to purchase the cameras. In tough economic times, governments everywhere look for ways in which to increase dwindling revenues. It seems that using cameras is one such way.

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