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Fort Lauderdale Drug Attorney – Local police union opposes drug testing

April 5, 2009

Union officials at the Plantation police department oppose drug testing for officers unless the officers are given the identity of their accusers. While the union does not oppose random drug testing of officers, it disagrees with the selective testing of officers based upon unsubstantiated accusations unless the accuser’s identity is made known.

Different agencies have different standards for requesting drug tests. The Broward Sheriff’s Office can request a drug test without explanation. The Coral Springs department does not reveal the source of an accusation and requests drug testing from officers using a “reasonable suspicion” standard after approval of at least two department members. The Fort Lauderdale Chief of Police may require an officer to take a drug test at any time.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer Gary Cole:

The news is rife with stories of police and politician misconduct regarding drugs. Recently, several BSO deputies were investigated for illegal use of steroids. (More than half subsequently tested negative for steroids). Florida promotes random drug testing of high school athletes and a Florida legislator recently announced that he would like to require random drug tests on those receiving unemployment compensation. While this may be a lofty pursuit, why does the public not insist on drug testing for those who are charged with protecting the public. Should we not hold public servants to a higher level? Politicians, their staff, police officers should all be subjected to drug testing – and not randomly. Only then can the public have confidence in those charged with its protection.